Sleepless in Newberg?

Are you one of those people that can function on small amounts of sleep? The kind of person who often finds themselves staying up till 2 AM supplemented by procrastination and caffeine? Well I am NOT. In fact, I recently found myself believing that I had stayed up late working on homework because I finished and assignment at 10 PM. I’m a total night owl, right?

Unfortunately, this not-so-night owl recently had a night where her body and mind seemed to be in utter disagreement, sabotaging my precious sleep. Let me tell you about my Thursday night.

While I knew my body would regret it the next day, my mind seemed to be racing a a million miles an hour. As I laid in bed, I tried the old trick of “Netflixing” myself to sleep. DID NOT WORK. After binging on way too many episodes of Parks and Recreation (let’s be honest, can you really watch too many episodes of Parks and Recreation though?), I closed my laptop at midnight and tried to finally get some shut eye.

My mind would not allow this and preceded to hold me captive with thoughts. “You know what would be a great idea?” my mind whispered to my body. “Perfect for this time of night! Let’s brainstorm good things to pack in a carry on!” Really brain, really? Right now at this hour, this is the most important thing we can be doing? But my mind would not give in.

Eventually, I decided just to go along with it and make that list. “Okay, let’s see. What snacks should I bring? Larabars? YES…” my mind continued as my thumbs dutifully typed this list into my phone. To be fair, we did learn in class to always write down our ideas so we don’t lose sight of them. Maybe I was finally retaining something I had learned in class.

To top my night off, it continued with a 3 AM “spa trip” to our house bathroom where I decided if I wasn’t going to sleep, I was going to take advantage of it and preceded to tweeze my eyebrows and put on a relaxing tea tree oil face mask.

I’m not sure why I decided to tell you this story, other than the fact that it shows the superb example of putting something into practice that I learned in class. I’m supposed to tell stories that make me look good, right? Anyways, my writers block is beginning to set in so I will end with this. My hope for you is that 1. you had a better nights sleep than I, and 2. that you are able to apply what you are learning. These should be helpful tips to carry into the rest of your life, but ESPECIALLY  for finals week. Am I right?


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