End of a Semester…Beginning of a Journey

And with that, our semester of Studies in Writing comes to a close. Though this is not the first college class that I have had to blog for, blogging provided the creative outlet to keep my creative juices flowing for the semester. Blogging valiantly attempted to protect me from writers block and at times forced me to me more creative than I am used to. Surprisingly, some of my favorite blogs to write were actually those with assigned prompts. Often, they were a reflection on something we were reading or talking about in class. Blogging about those things forced me to out the thoughts swirling around in my head written down. This became extremely helpful in retaining my thoughts when it came time for essays or in class discussions.

Although it won’t be for this class and may look a little different, I am going to continue writing blog posts back on the blog I began in high school. This blog is going to be a creative outlet for me and a way to connect to those back home as I spend my semester abroad in Thailand. I hope to update the blog with my travels and what I am learning at least twice a month or whenever I have time for it. Once I figure out what the blog will look like, I will provide a link to it on this blog. It has been a joy journeying through this class with you all and I can’t wait to see where writing takes all of you in the future.


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