Creative Collaboration Reflection

In class this past Monday, we participated in a creative collaboration brainstorming activity with a partner. In that activity, we were able to think about a response to one of the creative writing prompts, interview the other student about their idea, and then draw out what we saw their idea looking like.

Even though I did not come to class with a solidified idea in mind, I found the collaboration helpful and walked away from class with a potential story idea. When thinking about things I have recently read, I struggled to find something at first because I basically never read fiction. The last time I remember choosing a fiction novel to read outside of the classroom was probably in early high school, at least 4 years ago. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

While I used to spend plenty of my free time making up stories, I have lately struggled to come up with something I could claim as truly original content. Rather, I have opted to read biographies and non-fiction reflections while I write about my own life and spiritual journey.

I finally was able to come up with something, inspired by the biblical passages my community group has recently walked through. While going through a book called “Manna and Mercy” we have talked about the ideas of community, creation, and rest in the Bible. One thing that came to the surface was that though the year of Jubilee was planned in the Old Testament, it never seemed to actually happen. My idea is to write a fictional tale of a time when the year of Jubilee actually happened. I am not sure yet what it will look like, but I was able to get some helpful suggestions in class.


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