Gendered Writing

Neither in the Flynn nor in the Tobin articles did I wholeheartedly resonate with the type of gendered writing these authors were writing about. While the writing narratives of both men and women may be different, I think that the way men and women compose is far more complex than it has been made out to be. Personally, I have written pieces that fit into both writing style tendencies. I have written more community focused pieces that seek a resolution, but I have also written the sports story where I am pictured as the “hero” who overcame injury.

So while I didn’t particularly connect with one side or the other, there was one section in Tobin’s article that really stood out to me. Maybe because it was though provoking, or maybe just because it gave me a good laugh when I read it. Either way, it was the one paragraph that stuck with me the most. On page 161 in the middle paragraph, Tobin talks about their annual “Papers from Hell” conference where instructors sit around and talk about the papers they find it hardest to read.

In my head, I allowed myself to imagine all of my teachers, past and present, getting together to discuss their least favorite papers to read. How many of them would be mine? Though I have always received high grades on papers, I feel like I have probably written a paper in each of the listed categories:  the author-vacated re- search paper, the politically incorrect persuasive essay, and the plot summary response to a literary, and maybe even my own version of the typical male narrative. I allow my mind to wander here because if a paper I have written would appear at this “Papers from Hell” conference, there is a skill I have not yet learned that could be of tremendous value to me.


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